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About Our Group

Albuquerque Women in Business (ABQWIB), founded as a Meetup Group in 2007, is a dynamic ad hoc social group of savvy women dedicated to empowering each other by building better business relationships one at a time through strategic networking principles and practices.

ABQWIB operates under Bob Burg’s principles of networking, “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” Endless Referrals, written by Bob Burg, serves as our official guide. To get the most benefit out of participating in our group, you are encouraged to read the book and keep it nearby as we will be referring to Burg’s principles and practices often.

New members are accepted into our group on Organizer approval. While we do not restrict membership by occupation or business representation, our group’s organizer or assistant organizers often interview prospective members (mainly by phone or SKYPE) and insist that every member provide me with their email address and offline contact information. Each prospective member must answer the profile questions, including zip code. Providing your zip code is important as it is used to determine the viability of additional meeting places and times closer to where you live. You don’t have to own a business but you must be in a position to share referrals within the ABQWIB network.

In addition to our Meetup Group, Westward Connections, our presenting sponsor, has provided us with our own domain, web space, and web technology services at It is from this site that we run our public blog and provide Premium Members Only services.

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